Split, the second largest city in Croatia, is everything but a typical city – what to say about the city that started as a retirement home of Roman emperor? Split is 17 centuries old city, because we count the beginning of city of Split from the palace of Roman emperor Diocletian.

But, Romans were not the first who discovered Split – there were Greeks in 3rd, 2nd century BC, and before Greeks we had Illyrian tribes – Delmati. For that reason, we have the name “Dalmatia”.

Apart from Romans, there are many layers of history in Split. Split is also medieval city, and all the architecture from different ages in history is mixed.
The oldest lady in Split is Egyptian sphynx, 35000 old statue brought from Egypt. For getting to know Split better, it is necessary to get some historical background. If you are fan of history, join us and get to know more about this Mediterranean pearl.

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Split and Hajduk football club are intertwined for over a hundred years of highs and lows but above all love and passion.


Find out about the locations of all the conflicts in Split throughout the 20th century - WW1, WW2 and War of Inependence.


Every place has the dark side – on this tour you'll find out more about hidden Split and it's dark secrets!


Experience Trogir – medieval pearl, and Salona, the capital of roman province Dalmatia.